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'In the height of the global capitalism in which value is measured in $$$, how can a lighting design practice create positive social impact? We should always think how we can give back to the societies in which we operate.'

- Shigeki Fujii, Co-founder & Principal

We believe that we as lighting design specialists are able to contribute to the societies in several ways including: 

- Providing sustainable & socially good lighting design solutions in our commercial projects

- Working with private clients on commercial projects with positive social goals 

- Working with public sectors for town planning and other projects for community  

- Sharing knowledge with other professionals, design students and general public about good lighting

- Organizing enjoyable and inspiring events for community

Case Studies

floating city_nipek_photo_11.jpg
light playground_nipek_15.jpg
magical forest_01_570pix.jpg
singapore design week.jpg
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