Layers of Light

10 – 22 March 2015, 9am – 9pm at National Design Centre

A “washi” paper lighting installation that brings out the beauty of light and shadow.

Event Information!

Nipek is preparing for a lighting installation for this year's Singapore Design Week. The installation will take place at the main entrance of the National Design Centre.
It uses handcrafted traditional Japanese papers,  interactive digital lighting control system and, of course,  special lighting to create layering of light and shadow and provide visitors with unusual experience of interactive lighting which dynamically responses to your movement through the space.
Singapore Design Week by DesignSingapore Council
The installation is made possible by generous support and collaborative works by the following companies and organizations.
Sponsored by
Sekishu Washi Kubota
Million Lighting Company
BizLink Associates (S) Pte Ltd
Technolite Singapore Pte Ltd
Kobayashi hyoguten
Supported by
Coelacanth Shokudou. LLC

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111 Middle Road #03-09, National Design Centre, Singapore 188969

E:  T: +65 6635 6213